XX century passed over in “the ups and downs” of the science and technology but the deep crisis for the thought basic of physics in particular and the natural science in general make us contemplate and worry: matter was born from Big Bang? And space and time were also born from there? Is there existence the creator to control all processes right from that time with the purpose of appearing human being? And that the phenomenon “spirit” such as: going to find out the grave Do Ba Hiep, Nguyen Van Lien, Phan Thi Bich Hang…may be said that consciousness can be really exist out side matter? Stepping to XXI century, the echoes of “one time passed over” still saddled with the responsibility of people who study the science seriously.
As we knew, physics might have considered starting when Mr. Galileo has spoken “inertia principle” for 350 years up to now. Going through Newton’s mechanics, Maxwell’s electrodynamics, Einstein’s relative mechanics, quantum mechanics and quantum field theory … Physics is thought to move towards more and more closely to universal truth, reach to a theory which unifies the all interactions having in the nature. However, that will not have been able to happen because “Physical palace” was built from an “unsolid foundation”, leads to the phenomenon “leaning” as same as Pisa tower where Mr. Galileo had carried out the his famous experience “freely falling body”. That “unsolid foundation” is metaphysical thinking, differentiate between dialectical materialism and the basic concept such as matter, space, time, motion, inertia v.v..The big problem is the conception of “existence by oneself”, but is not “interdependent existence” as instinctive nature of natural World. Instead of going to the origin of the phenomenon from the philosophically general outlook, they avoided those thorny problems and finally, they must accept the metaphysics as one “unique target” and so that they had indeliberated to turn physics into an instrument in order to quibble for “crazy thoughts”, in fact, they turned back to the scientific spirit – Although Newton warned that: “Physics should be cautious with metaphysics!”. “Nature is by its natural” – a mouth statement is to console ourselves for our powerlessness more than we must admit the paradox and accumulate much more in physics, motivating the science to God.
On the basic of the absolutely dialectical materialism methodology, the author tries to present again the most essential parts of physics as per the consistent order, from physical world outlook as an interdependent unification, the author does not accept the existence by oneself, does not discriminate microcosmic or macroscopic, rejecting to get out of physics for the metaphysical concepts with the slogan “return physics for physics”! Considering from this point of view, Newton mechanics is only the particular case of new road and can ignore this factor or the other factor, it is not excluded but it is true in the restrict condition for space and time. When the bigness of magnetic force connects the objects together, may be ignored in order to accept the conception for the existence by oneself; electromagnetic field theory of Maxwell; relativity mechanics of Einstein and quantum field theory in the sphere of new road, one hand, mathematical formalism will be used to make the instruments to calculate the parameters of the physical processes but not be the means of imitating those processes, on the other hand, they only can apply in all space and time narrow sphere; quantum mechanics in particular, Einstein was right when he said that “the Lord does not play ….” – That is true! The conception for the existence by oneself made the exertions which apply the mechanism regulation of Newton to the atomic physics, consisting of optics as well as nuclear physics, has not succeeded, in the microcosmic world, the attractive interaction of heavenly bodies are too small in comparison with the other interactions on Earth, so supposition for that “existence by oneself” can be accepted with an error in the sphere which the measure equipments can ensure. However, when the field of force was strong enough as electric field or nuclear, it is not any way to ignore them again, and so that they must turn back with the substance of thing and is the interdependent existence, they give their selves trouble with their expression form – “wave-particle duality” and “quantum orbit” of electron in atom theatrically. The thing which is called “quantum uncertain” by Heydelbert’s indefinite principle which is only deviatory outlook, naturally, they were started from that “wave-particle duality”, although they completely were taken out from “least-action principle” – one expression of “change in quantity – change in quality” law in physics.
Finally, the afford of the author is to try to preserve “the quintessence” of human knowledge during over the past 2500 years, repairing the unreasonableness which is in opposition to logic and “healthy thought, in opposition to phenomenon substance. For the appearance, may be all things happen as they have. That content has created the new way for physics